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This is the page for the book Trouble Maker by, The C3 Company.

The book 'Trouble Maker' is a book about a boy named Davion Reed. Trouble always seems to find him


        Hi, my name is Davion Reed, (Dave for short). People always call me T.M. which stands for Trouble Maker. People don't just call me that for any ordinary reason! There's Pretty much endless reasons why people call me that. Anyway, I get into a lot of trouble pretty much ANYWHERE I go.
        Right now I am in Saturday Detention. I got detention for chewing gum, but it was worth it. Mmm that gum was so good. Anyway, Saturday Detention is like 5 hours long!!! Who the heck made that up?!? Right now I am bored to death. I go to Almavar Academy, my 17th school. I was kicked out of all my other schools, but I cant get kicked out of this one. So that means I can act up as much as I want!
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